Remember to Forget Me

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Item #00031 Remember to Forget Me. Kerry Neville.

Place Published: Braddock, PA
Publisher: Alleyway Books
Date Published: October 10, 2017
ISBN: 9780998966731


With the publication of Remember to Forget Me comes the highly anticipated follow-up to Kerry Neville’s award-winning debut, Necessary Lies. In this new volume, Neville peers with a steady eye into the universal struggle to lead a life of purpose and dignity. In "Zorya," we are drawn into the world of a former Ukrainian sex worker whose determination to embark on a new path with the dream of supporting her son and aging mother ends up subjecting her to even greater affronts. "Indignity” takes us into the mind of a Polish widow who comes to the United States determined to start her life anew only to discover that her job as caregiver puts her into a painful collision with her past. In “Lionman,” we witness a circus freak whose unexpected chance to satisfy his hunger for human connection leads to a nearly inconceivable revelation. And in the title story, a devoted husband thinks he has survived life’s final assault by consenting to have his beloved wife institutionalized for dementia—only to find that it’s just the beginning of his heartbreak. With enormous compassion, Kerry Neville penetrates deep into the lives of people shattered as much by yearning as by loss. These are stories you won’t soon forget.

Praise for Remember to Forget Me

In these beautiful stories Kerry Neville moves effortlessly between young and old, Europe and America, always with passion, empathy and marvelous intelligence. Her vivid characters do not give up on love, despite distance, age and indignity. Remember To Forget Me is a wonderful and deeply rewarding collection.
--Margot Livesey, author of Mercury

When you step into a story by Kerry Neville, expect to walk into the depths of life. She has the ability to look inside a person and discover the essence of their humanity, no matter how uncomfortable their truth might be. Her prose is so vivid and compelling, and holds such honesty and verve, that you never question where she takes you. You just want to keep walking with her—to find out more about the yearnings that make us who we are.
—Grant Faulkner, author of Fissures: One Hundred 100 Word Stories

I've long been a fan of Kerry Neville's writing, her shapely sentences and paragraphs, her characters' emotional complexities and the fearless loop-de-loops in her narrative arcs. But in these stories she brings a hard won and singular wisdom to the page, a gravity and elegance that makes the stories linger in my mind long after the significant pleasure of reading them is done.
—Pam Houston, author Contents May Have Shifted

Kerry Neville writes with a restless, questing intelligence, creating characters who are never satisfied with the given. They're not afraid of asking themselves the toughest questions if only to keep alive and awake, open to the option of a different way out. The stories in Remember to Forget Me linger in the imagination with cinematic power, searing the brain like dreams.
—Paul Lisicky, author of The Narrow Door: A Memoir of Friendship

Author Bio

Kerry Neville was raised on Long Island, New York and now lives in Georgia where she teaches at Georgia College and State University. Her first collection of stories, Necessary Lies, received the G.S. Sharat Chandra Prize in Fiction and was named a ForeWord Magazine Short Story Book of the Year. Her work has appeared in various journals, including The Gettysburg Review, Epoch, and Triquarterly, and online in publications such as The Washington Post, The Huffington Post, and The Fix. She has twice been the recipient of the Dallas Museum of Art’s “Arts and Letters Prize for Fiction,” and has also been awarded the Texas Institute of Letters Kay Cattarulla Prize for the Short Story and the John Guyon Literary Nonfiction Prize from Crab Orchard Review.

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