The Best Small Fictions 2018

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Item #00042 The Best Small Fictions 2018. The Best Small Fictions.

Place Published: Braddock, PA
Publisher: Braddock Avenue Books
Date Published: September 2018
ISBN: 9780998966779


The Best Small Fictions is the first contemporary anthology solely devoted to honoring the best short hybrid fiction published in a calendar year. The series, which began in 2015, has featured an international group of both seasoned and emerging authors who work in flash, micro fiction, prose poetry, haibun, and other hybrid forms. Tara L. Masih founded this annual series and now serves as consulting editor. For our 2018 edition, we welcomed Sherrie Flick as series editor and Pushcart Prize winning author Aimee Bender as guest editor. This latest edition includes 53 works by writers such as Lydia Davis, Rumaan Alam, Diane Williams, Kathy Fish, Matt Bell, Aleksandar Hemon, Maxim Loskutoff, Michael Parker, Meg Pokrass, Deb Olin Unferth, and Desiree Cooper. Past guest editors have included Pulitzer Prize–winning author Robert Olen Butler (2015), PEN/Malamud Award winner and O. Henry Prize winner Stuart Dybek (2016), Rea Award and PEN/Malamud Award winner Amy Hempel (2017).

Praise and reviews for The Best Small Fictions 2017

"Best Small Fictions 2017 confirms an expected revelation: that flash fiction is thriving. That it is so different from 2016 is an affirmation that Best Small Fiction is a solid anthology that will be well worth returning to each and every year."

"The third instalment of one of the most popular and esteemed series of flash fiction anthologies, The Best Small Fictions 2017 (Braddock Avenue Books, 2017), is an essential read for every flash fiction writer or reader."
~Bath Flash Fiction Award

"The Best Small Fictions 2017 is a great read for anyone who loves the brief. But it’s also a good introduction for readers new to the genre and writers practicing economy."
~Small Press Book Review

Praise and reviews for The Best Small Fictions 2016

“The best of these fictional vignettes are like a splash of ice water in the face. Wake up, they shout, your life is unspooling. They create their emotional effects with a quick windup and a powerful release, often a final, lingering image.”
~Harvard Review

“In this extraordinary collection of small fictions...readers are gifted with stories that slap wings onto their backs or drop anchors into their hearts, oftentimes both.”
~The Small Press Book Review

“[T]he beauty of an anthology such as this, pulling together the best of the form, is that you will always encounter something new, something different, something that pushes the boundaries of flash further than before. If this anthology proves nothing else, it is that small fiction in all its forms continues to go from strength to strength, as does the series itself.”
~Bath Flash Fiction Award

Praise and reviews for The Best Small Fictions 2015

“[T]his striking new series...has quickly become essential reading."
~Amy Hempel, Guest Editor 2017

“The Best Small Fictions 2015...could be at the forefront of a burgeoning cultural movement.”
~The Newtown Review of Books

“It will be well worth your while to spend a minute or 60 with some of the brightest concise writing available today.”

“[T]here is no more important book published in 2015.”
~Sheldon Lee Compton, Enclave

Remarks from previous Guest Editors

Amy Hempel (2017):

"The stories selected for this year's The Best Small Fictions display a range of territory, language, strategy, and effects. They conjure and seduce, they startle and haunt, they are funny and searing, short and shorter."

Stuart Dybek (2016):

“In reading through the work for the 2016 anthology I was struck by the rich variety of pieces. No matter what names these individual fictions go by, this is not a collection of literary cubicles, but rather an anthology where writers locate their work along a continuum of infinite gradations that spans the poles of fiction and poetry, and of the narrative and lyric.”

Robert Olen Butler (2015):

“I believe The Best Small Fictions series… is an extraordinarily important literary event. The art form of the small fiction speaks strongly to the zeitgeist of the 21st century and this sort of focused recognition is long overdue.”

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