We Are Ghost Lit

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Item #126 We Are Ghost Lit. James Brubaker.

Place Published: Pittsburgh, PA
Publisher: Braddock Avenue Books
Date Published: June 2023
ISBN: 9798985725650


Praise for We Are Ghost Lit

Brubaker's tender postmodern meditation alchemizes existential godheads, college days, and song into a harmonic device that might let you speak to a black hole drunk off starlight, or a dear friend drunk off starlight, or the human heart itself. 

—Ron A. Austin, author of Avery Colt is a Snake, a Thief, a Liar

 A mesmerizing galaxy of imagination, elegy, epistolary, fiction, speculation, sci-fi, metawriting, and memoir. Bewildered by grief, James Brubaker constructs real and imagined narrators who orbit one another as each tries to tell an alternative story from the real one: the loss of a good friend to suicide. In a Borgesian twist, Brubaker, the one called the real James Brubaker, sets out to write a novel, believing the pages might save him. A stunning work about friendship, time, grief, and going on.
—Jill Talbot, author of The Way We Weren’t

Mourning is the process of learning to mourn. In We Are Ghost Lit, James Brubaker reveals that process by enacting it, inviting the reader to join him in a search for a procedure by which his novel may proceed. The result is a playful, reflective, and heartbreaking story that must inevitably end at the precise moment that it learns to be itself.
—Mike Meginnis, Drowning Practice

Author bio

James Brubaker is the author of Pilot Season, Liner Notes, and Black Magic Death Sphere: (science) fictions. His work has appeared in Zoetrope: All Story, Michigan Quarterly Review, Hobart, Booth, and The Collagist, among other venues. He lives in Missouri with his wife and cat, and teaches writing there

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