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Braddock, Pennsylvania: Braddock Avenue Books, October 2012.

“It was supposed to be the greatest night of our lives.”
It’s the eve of the Obama election.  Change is in the air and hope is running high.  And for twenty-five-year-old, self-proclaimed cool man Michael Bishop, so is the alcohol and the bluster.  Working a dead-end job proofing subtitles... more

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Braddock, PA: Braddock Avenue Books, March 2013.

Get ready. These are not your mother's bedtime stories. In this mesmerizing debut collection, Aubrey Hirsch will lead you into the darkest recesses of human life, where hope and longing and love and loss look all too much like one another. Each of these sixteen stories may be filled with... more

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Braddock, PA: Braddock Avenue Books, August 8, 2013.

Like the existential quest of Richard Wright’s Bigger Thomas or Dostoevsky’s Raskolnikov, Anita Palatino’s journey is one you won’t forget. In this gripping new novel, Catherine Gammon will take you into the psychological danger zone of desperate longing and unfulfilled desire before returning you safely home.

Set in New... more

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Braddock, PA: Braddock Avenue Books, November 7, 2013.


Walter Farnham is on a mission. Only he doesn’t know it. Living above the garage of his former wife and her new husband, Walt has never been one to finish things, not even a divorce. In fact, the closest he’s come to a steady anything is as caretaker... more

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Braddock, PA: Braddock Avenue Books, February 2014.

What saves us? It’s a question as old—and as urgent—as humanity itself. With this remarkable book, award-winning poet, essayist, and short story writer Gary Fincke opens an exciting new chapter of his career. Structured as a novel-in-stories, How Blasphemy Sounds to God explores our capacity for loyalty and love as... more

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Braddock, PA: Braddock Avenue Books, June 28, 2016.

Called “the mighty Sasquatch of American Fiction” by Michael Chabon, renowned literary outlaw Chuck Kinder steps once again onto the landscape of American letters with the paperback reissue of his 1979 novel, The Silver Ghost. Available from Braddock Avenue Books, June 2016.

Jimbo Stark, teenage soldier of fortune, loves,... more

Price: $16.95